Divas Hit the Road: Season 4 (2022)

Divas Hit the Road: Season 4 (2022)

Other name: Divas Hit the Road 4 花少4 花儿与少年露营季


Diva Hits the Road 4 stars Zhang Kaili, Liu Mintao, Yangmi, Dany Lee, Han Dongjun, Ding Chengxin and Zhao Jinmai It takes camping as the theme and focuses on “discovering the beauty within 141 kilometers together”, continuing the form of star self-planning, and launching the concept of camping + RV. Seven guests of different ages and life experiences, with good expectations and yearning for travel, will use their imaginations with the members during the 15-day camping. Let’s go camping together, and create unlimited fun, under limited conditions. Find different beauty around you.



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