Please Be Married Season 1 (2021)


Ye Xiang Ge is a trainee under Linshan Entertainment. Before she made her official debut, she was caught up in a big scandal planned by her own good friend and her company decided to terminate the contract. After being jobless, Ye Xiang Ge met the cold-hearted CEO of Su Group, Su Mu Chen to be an intern at his company. Then something incredible happened, a 5-year-old boy named Su Zian comes to Ye Xiang Ge and says he is her son from the future. Then, Su Zian also said that his father was Su Mu Chen and Ye Xiang Ge was shocked. After Su Mu Chen knew about this, he has no choice but to live with them. In the process, Ye Xiang Ge and Su Mu Chen slowly fell in love with each other.

Director: He Tai Ran

Also known as: Please Get Married Soon I'm Coming. Mommy Where's My Daddy? Bai Tuo Kuai Jie Hun Ba Di Yi Ji 拜托,快结婚吧1 拜托,快结婚吧 第1季 拜托,快结婚吧第一季 拜托,快結婚吧 第一季


Status: Completed

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Please Be Married Season 1 (2021) full episodes

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