Secret Royal Inspector & Joy (2021)


A secret royal inspector uncovers corruption then ensures its perpetrators face justice. He cannot reveal himself or his intentions. Ra Yi Eon wanted to open up a dumpling stall outside the capital. What he had not planned on was taking and passing the state examination! Now an official in the Office of Special Advisors, the requests to carry out covert missions are aplenty. Kim Jo Yi is a woman well ahead of her time due to her unorthodox views on divorce. In the Joseon era, she finds the notion of any woman suffering in silence during her marriage intolerable. She wholeheartedly and passionately is in support of divorce. And small wonder! She is awaiting the envisioned happiness that cutting ties with her spouse will bring. Up for an adventure, Jo Yi convinces Yi Eon to let her tag along on his first official investigation in the provinces. Together they can expose wrongdoing and wipe out corruption. Which one will recognize the guilty parties hiding in plain sight?

Director: Yoo Jong Sun

Also known as: Tale of Secret Agent and Joy Tale of the Secret Royal Inspector and Jo Yi Secret Royal Inspector Joy Royal Secret Inspector Joy Eosawa Joyi Eosajoidyeon 어사조이뎐 Inspector Joy


Status: Completed

Release Year:

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Starring: , , , , ,

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