Xiao Chu Niang De Shao Zhu Fu Jun (2022)


Ning Han Xi is a young and promising chef of a Michelin restaurant. While climbing a tree outdoors to collect ingredients, she accidentally fell and crossed into a TV series. He Zi Xiao, the lord of Taoyuan City, was hunting in the wild. In order to gain the position of the city lord, Zhao Ying Ying, the deputy city lord, planned a series of conspiracies, intending to murder the city lord and the young city lord. Ning Han Xi and He Zi Xiao joined hands to smash the conspiracy of the deputy city lord and succeeded in keeping the city lord’s position, but the moment of separation has come…

Also known as: Little Chef's Young Master Husband The Little Chef's Husband 小廚娘的少主夫君


Status: Completed

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